Togo, A Land Of Vivid Culture And Endless Adventure


Togo is located on the horizontal side of the West African coast washed by the Gulf of Guinea. Its territory covers an area of ​​approximately 56,600 square meters, and has the shape of a rectangle that stretches for 600 km to the north of the country till the border with Burkina Faso. Other immediate neighbouring countries of Togo are Ghana on the west and Benin at the east.

The ecosystem and landscape of Togo are marked by the Atakora mountain range that crosses the country in the southwest direction towards the northeast. It is a series of plateaus, which in places, rises to over 900 m above the sea level.
Togo has a wide range of scenic attractions including cultural sites such as the Koutammakou site registered on the List of UNESCO World Heritage, slavery sites to be developed in the framework of the « Slave Route » project of UNESCO, natural sites like waterfalls, national parks, caves, beaches, lakes, wild and rugged mountains and picturesque landscapes.

The country can legitimately boast of owning a rare biodiversity and therefore be a very attractive tourist destination. Thanks to its stretching in latitude, Togo is a remarkable succession of landscape ranging from golden sandy beach to the border of the Sahel, including lagoons, forests in the region of plateaus, and wooded grassland.

What about the numerous refreshing waterfalls that gush mountains and wildlife parks in the centre and north of the country or the migration of humpback whales to the unspoilt shores from July to October of each year? Those are definitely worth visiting.

Due to its ethnic diversity, Togo has a multitude of traditional festivals, which make it a vibrant cultural destination. Just about every week in summer time there is a different festival in the various regions.
It’s very easy to take a scenic ride, through unsurpassed beautiful landscape, from one of its border to another one in just a few hours, especially along its shores.

Togo welcomes about 300,000 visitors a year. The hotel park is estimated at 350 hotels in all categories. Why don’t you plan for your next vacation in Togo?


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